Polyester Fiber Guide

Do you know the benefits polyester fabric can add to your uniform program? Our experts do, and we're sharing this guide outlining the properties of polyester.

Polyester is an oil-based synthetic fiber and the most widely used of all man-made fibers. It is the most common fiber used in corporate wear due to its durability and strength. Polyester is the best wash-and-wear fiber in that it is easy to care for, is shrink resistant, and is quick-drying. It also maintains good stability and excellent color retention as it resists damage by sunlight or weather.

All of these good qualities come at a premium. Polyester is not very breathable and can have a shiny appearance, contributing to potential static build-up. It is also prone to pilling and snagging more than other fibers.

In general, polyester is not biodegradable and, therefore, unsuitable for composting. However, polyester produced from recycled plastic bottles is now widely available.

It's best to identify when its strengths play to your end uses to optimally utilize polyester in your uniform program, which is where our experts come in. Contact us for assistance the next time you determine your fiber needs.

Take a look at the video below for a brief run-through of the points above: