Bringing Subsidiaries Together: A Custom Program With Cost Savings


Affinity partnered with Client X on a cost analysis to move their brands' rental and stock uniforms to a buy-direct program. Additionally, with their current products being rentals and ready-to-wear, they were missing product components to meet the functional needs of their employees. 



Affinity provided a fully managed program experience through wear trials, website demos, distribution center visits, and cost model options. Knowing rental uniforms and catalog programs have the convenience of short turnaround times, we collaborated with our internal organization proactively to achieve efficient timelines for minimal impact from what rental programs and ready-to-wear can offer and to be outweighed by the advantages provided by direct solutions.


Benefit 1: Cost Savings

Affinity displayed an overview of taking the program from rental and in-stock items to custom by demonstrating the financial gains over the contract term. For this to reflect accurately, Client X supplied their annual spending, allowing for direct-to-direct savings. 


We used our expertise to identify and suggest the opportunity for more substantial cost savings by narrowing their assortment to a core offering across all brands. The efforts in this exercise for Client X switching to a uniform direct program resulted in a high 7-figure savings over the contract term, which is a lot of 0,000,000! 


Benefit 2: Innovation and Design Evolution

Our design team presented a visual of where the program could go with fresh, new designs. It showcased a product assortment that utilized feedback from Client X's employee base to create a functional, on-brand uniform program. 


Benefit 3: Full Transparency

Consistent follow-up and open communication allowed our team to assess Client X's needs and requests alongside our capabilities to bring forth resolutions that were outside the box and catered to their specific program goal of unifying their subsidiaries with a custom program while reducing expenditures. 


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