Uniform Design Gives Unity to Autism Education Program

At Affinity, we know that looking good makes you feel good. A uniform significantly affects a person's confidence and team unity, so we're always considering ways to increase the impact of our work by supporting our communities in their apparel needs. When we learned Tays Junior High JCAP team, located in Katy, Tx, was eager to establish an identity within their school through a uniform program, we had to lend a helping hand. 

The JCAP team, Junior (High) Children's Autism Program, comprises administrators, teachers, and paraprofessionals. Students with autistic learning disabilities require varying levels of support to be successful. This team provides them with an education on academic and vocational skills appropriate to their individual needs. 

What they do is special and unique. The group was determined to have a purposeful uniform that reflected their commitment to their student's education while being something they could be proud to wear, rather than the standard SpEd apparel's image on a t-shirt. Two teachers designed a custom logo for their department to go on hoodies and baseball caps to achieve this. 

The personalized logo is a graduation cap, representing the strong sense of education behind the program, combined with a J, which is the first letter of the team name. The top of the cap displays the gold infinity symbol for autism. Finishing off the look is the navy canvas, a school color of Tays Junior High, further demonstrating the program's role as part of the school's student population.

The benefits hoodies and baseball caps provide the JCAP team over t-shirts are more than a morale boost. They support the group in various challenging and fun duties, which can get messy sometimes: these durable uniforms mean the staff's clothes are protected.

This new unified look has given the JCAP team a sense of belonging and pride, making Affinity thrilled to be the uniform sponsor. Thank you, Tays Junior High, for all you do! 

If you want to be more involved with the autistic community, visit ww.autisticadvocacy.org to learn more.